Create amazing things in our silicone molds!

Cool Dog Trays is a unique collection of handcrafted silicone molds in the shape of your beloved dog’s breed.

coffee shot in great dane silicone mold

What breed of dog is your favorite?

Whether your into small , medium, large or rare dog breeds, we’ve got a tray for you!

$24.99 + Shipping

$24.99 + Shipping

$24.99 + Shipping

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Commonly Asked Questions

No, our trays are made with a flexible silicone so that the casts you get from them can be removed without injury.

We suggest getting a tray to stick underneath them so that they can be stiff enough to carry.

We found that pouring the tray once placed inside the freezer works best for us.

We do not offer fully custom designs.

We do welcome suggestions for new designs!

Often we will request photos and feedback from our community about breed standards and muscle structure. So we always welcome a flooding of photos for inspiration in our future sculpts.

We ship internationally.

We offer multiple options for shipping to each area.

You will be responsible for any customs charges and import tax. We cannot mark the package at a lower value than purchased.

We are not responsible for custom’s duties on foreign orders.  A tracking number is not available for international orders.