About Us

Cool Dog Trays (CDT) is a family owned business, all products are crafted in our home studio.

Each tray is artisan crafted inspired by your beloved canine breed. CDT is made from silicone sourced in the USA. It is processed using a cold pour technique.

Some of our trays may have flaws on the top or bottom, however it does not effect the quality of the breeds and the products coming from them.

The trays are FDA approved food safe, machine washable, freezer safe, microwave safe up to 240 C/ 460 F, and oven safe up to 240 C/ 460 F.

Trays have not been made using vacuum or pressure pot so problems may arrise from curing resins in a pressure pot using the trays.

Meet Our Team
Rebecca Turner

Founder, CEO, Artist
A Pacific Northwest based Artist, Rebecca Turner, has been honing in her skills in sculpting for the past several years. Her adoration of the Great Dane breed and insatiable want to decorate her house in her favorite canine has married well in her creations and understanding of how passionate one can be over their beloved pets .

Dominic Nelson

Marketing Expert, Product Durability Tester
A Pacific Northwest based Creative Kid, Dominic Nelson, provides an upbeat atmosphere, positive outlook and ingenious ways to create videos that appeal to many. His passion for all animals and unique ideas fuel the right conditions to create endless hours of fun.


The things that make us special


Ideas and concepts come from wanting to create multiple amazing sculptures in with our family and friends who share the love in our favorite breeds


Designs sculpted after your beloved pet breeds


Easy to use whether you need to freeze, microwave, place in an oven or just pour product into our trays.