Big Changes, Updates, Preorder status and Delays

Big Changes with Cool Dog Trays LLC
We’ve been working hard at creating the best online experience. And offer unique items for our dog fanciers.
Our website has undergone some great changes to help clarify how we work and what we aim to accomplish here at Cool Dog Trays.What you can expect when visiting our website from now on

• Better clarifications on our preorder items and how they operate
• Timelines and delays, updated in our blog posts
• A newsletter mailing list opt in so that you can stay pup-2-date with all things Cool Dog Trays, including new breed announcements and special release items
• A product count to keep track of how many preorder items have been placed towards production
• If you’ve currently recieved your items and want to share your experience with others there is now a spot on our website for this under each product.

We realize our small business had some much needed room for improvements. And as soon as it was brought to our attention we worked diligently at making these changes so that you the consumer would feel more in the loop about our process.

Current work order and delays.
As of November 2nd we have moved our
• Smooth Collie
• Rough Collie 
• Redbone Coonhound
• Golden Retriever  

out of preorder status and into production to operate on our normal timelines.

On November 18th we moved our
• Standard Poodle
•Caucasian Shepherd 
• Borzoi
Out of preorder and into production 

Once our orders move from preorder to production status they move to our normal operating timelines.
All of these molds have been finalized and orders going out each week.Our normal production timelines are 2-8 weeks. This is stated on our faq page on the website. You can find that information here

We did have some unforseen health issues that have put us behind schedule but are planning to have all of our current orders out by mid January. 
Our current delay have also effected some breeds such as the Clumber Spaniel and our holiday lights.

We’re very sorry about these delays and are working towards getting back on track for the new year. 

Thank you for supporting our small business and all your patience as we grow.

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