Is my tray sturdy enough to carry to the freezer without support?

No, our trays are made with a flexible silicone so that the casts you get from them can be removed without injury. We suggest getting a tray to stick underneath them so that they can be stiff enough to carry. or pouring directly in the freezer once placed. Above is a video of the flexibility and ease of removal in the pug tray


Our goal is to provide you with a custom, handcrafted product with a relatively quick turn around time.   Each item is artisan crafted from top quality ‘ingredients’!  Here is a guideline of what we can and cannot do to make our trays a perfect fit for you.

Do you offer custom designs?

We do not offer fully custom designs. We do welcome suggestions for new designs and breeds

Shipping and Returns

Shipping and turn around time

All orders are shipped to the customers choice on checkout. Each order comes with tracking.  

Each piece is handcrafted and custom-made after you order.   Production times vary.

Please expect 2-8 weeks for your order to be brought to life and shipped to you. 

Our trays on preorder operate on seperate timelines. Pre-order status is often around 2 -3 months to allow the minimum quantity to be reached. If the quantity is reached at an earlier date the trays promptly go into production status and operate on normal production timelines of 2- 8 weeks.

If the pre-ordered trays do not recieve the minimum quantity it is of Cool Dog Trays LLC discretion to finalize the production at an earlier date.

All preorder trays will be finalized and shipped regardless of reaching the minimum commitment.

We are not responsible for lost/stolen or delayed packages.  We will do our best to rectify situations as they arise. 

International Shipping

We ship internationally. You will be responsible for any customs charges and import tax. We cannot mark the package at a lower value than purchased.

We are not responsible for custom’s duties on foreign orders.  A tracking number is not available for international orders. 

Refunds and Repairs

We understand that purchasing a Cool Dog Trays, LLC product is an investment, we want each piece that leaves our workshop to be special and made to last. If you have any issues with your product please contact us!  

If, in the course of normal and reasonable wear your product breaks due to one of the following circumstances we will repair or replace your product free of charge:
1. A rip occurs in the silicone within the first 6 months
We ask for a picture to be emailed to us of the break or damage done to your product.

While we will replace any product of ours that breaks under normal use, if your product has been subjected to any one of the following circumstances we reserve the right to refuse to repair/replace the product or to charge an agreed-upon fee. 
1.  Has been cut by an object. 
2.  Has been lost or stolen
We reserve the right to solely determine whether a product has been used under normal and reasonable wear.   Please send us pictures of the damage.   Each case will be handled individually so Please contact us no matter the circumstances of the damage!  We want to make sure you are happy with your product and are reasonable and willing to work with you! 

Why Does it take so long to manufacture

Cool Dog Trays LLC is set as a manufacturing facility. Our items go through an extensive process that includes designing the dog, designing the mold, producing the mold and finalizing the product to ship to the customer.

Most orders are shipped rather promptly however occasionally with new breeds we run into errors in our trial phase that are out of our control.

We try our hardest to ensure a good quality product is delivered and we work hard and often to resolve issues so that they can get out as quickly as possible.