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  • Advent Calender


    Have you heard cool Dog Trays are great for every occasion?! They are! And What a better way to Celebrate the holidays than a count down to Christmas Advent. Packed full of fun crafts for the whole family to enjoy! Can Gelatin be used to Create Plastic? What happens when you Starch Fibers like yarns?…

  • Melt and Pour Soap Box


    Soap box contains; 6 fragrence oils (15g each) 3 liquid colors 2lb of melt and pour soap. 1 cool dog tray   Soap Options Yogurt Soy Milk Shea Butter Oatmeal Mango Goat milk Mango Honey Fragrance options Fruity scents Apple Dumpling. Apple pecan. Lavender Lemonade. Lemon Custard. Orange pound cake. Blood orange. Floral Scents Lilac….