Timelines And Delays

Creating these Silicone molds and related items have been extremely exciting and each day brings new experiences and things that need adjusting both with the manufacturing and our process.

From the moment we start sculpting out that first pup in its breed we get an incredibly happy feeling. We see those tiny little eyes peering back and all the possibilities of things to create from it.

Our process then allows us to seek out community help in its design. Trying to perfect it to be the best example of the breed that we can manage to make.

After the tiny sculpture is made we go through a trial and error phase with the first solo cast. Is the sculpt thick enough? Does it break on a solo cast? Did the shape somehow deform slightly from the initial sculpt?

Once the first checks have been approved we move onto the next part and start assembling the mold itself.

Occasionally we run into unforeseen issues in the final mold assembly and the multiple cavities requires more trial and error.

As time goes on it is easier to predict hurdles that come with our products. Thus minimizing the trial and error phase with each new breed.

We may also run into hurdles pertaining to moisture and the weather. Silicone and Resin are very finnicky when it comes to what they can tolerate. Keeping moisture out of the atmosphere or temps near 75 degrees can be slightly challenging from the ground floor of a unit.

We are Currently approaching a longer wait time than ususal for some of our items. We appologize for these delays.

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